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Purchases of NSW property.

Sales of NSW property.

SS Conveyancing offers all-inclusive flat-rates on all sales and purchases of residential property within New South Wales, with a discounted rate for the purchase of vacant land.  

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The all-inclusive flat-rate fee will include:-

  • Full explanation of the Contract for Sale.
  • All relevant and necessary searches and certificates from Government and statutory authorities (referred to as disbursements, eg, Council Certificates, Title Search, Land Tax).
  • Ensuring the timely processing and payment of your Stamp Duty.
  • Liaising with your bank/lender during the process to ensure that your lender maintains steady progress to settle your loan at the right time.
  • Settlement fee, and all sundry items such as postage.
  • All applicable GST.

The all-inclusive flat-rate fee will include:-

  • The preparation of your Contract for Sale, with a guarantee to deliver the Contract to your Real Estate Agent within 24 hours of receipt of the required certificates for your local Council.
  • All certificates and searches which are relevant and necessary to complete the Contract (referred to as disbursements, eg, 149 Certificate, Sewer Diagram, Title Search).
  • Arranging a discharge of your existing Mortgage (if applicable).
  • Settlement fees, all sundry items such as postage.
  • All applicable GST.

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PLEASE NOTE:  Items such as Pest Inspection Reports, Building Inspection Reports, Strata Inspection Reports or Survey Reports are obtained at the discretion of the client/purchaser on each individual transaction and therefore the fees for these items are not included in the flat-rate fees quoted by SS Conveyancing.  All of these items can however be arranged by SS Conveyancing on the client's behalf.